June 2018

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Project based in Wembley – 

IMG_9569           Another site in the London area.       IMG_9577


Project based in Watford – 

IMG_9556     IMG_9562    IMG_9558


Project based in Ealing – 

Deceuninck Linktrusion     Deceuninck Tilt & Turn     St Bernardsgate Ealing


Project Based in Northfields – 

IMG_4830    IMG_4834     IMG_4835


Housing project based in Little Crakehall – 

20180706_105053    20180706_105139


Housing project based in Rothley – 

20180704_124600     20180704_124535



Project based in Barking – 

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Follow us now on Instagram, Pintrest and Twitter

Follow us now on Instagram, Pintrest and Twitter

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You can now follow us and keep up to date on new products and also current projects which we are involved in. you will also be able to see the finished projects once completed, likewise by using social media you will be able to gain a better insight into our products.

Instagram name – Fastframe UK ltd

Twitter name – @fastframeL

Pintrest name – Fastframe UK ltd

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    We have expanded into a 79,000 cubic metre storage facility, our steady growth supported by our Sysco @DeceuninckUK