Linktrusion – A whole new concept

ZendowNeo Premium (Page 4)Having spent a significant amount of money on the production process for this unique product, Fastframe UK have now introduced the Zendow Linktrusion to it’s range of products.

Traditional PVC window frames have galvanised steel inside to reinforce the window frame. With Deceuninck’s Linktrusion® technology (used in Zendow#neo windows), the steel is replaced by using an innovative reinforcement technology.

Linktrusion® is used in 2 ways: as continuous glass fibres embedded in the profile (200,000 metres of glass fibres are used in 1 metre of PVC window frame profile) – or as a recycled PVC foam core with steel wires and a PVC skin which is inserted in the profile.

Fastframe have recently completed a project using Neo Door sash allowing PVC Doors at 1100mm wide and 2400mm high in one sash. This product provides the opportunity for us to compete with the technical sizes attributed to aluminium products but at half off the cost.

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