Slide & Swing Door

Slide & Swing Door

Open up your world and maximise your living space with the Slide and Swing door – during the summer months open one or more of the doors and let nature flow into your home, in winter shut your doors tight to keep out all the harshness of the weather, this is a door that performs perfectly in all seasons. The secret is in the design of the door which allows you to control your environment rather than your environment controlling you.

The Slide and Swing door will transform the way you live as a set of sliding doors it will open up spaces between rooms or garden and one or more parts of the door can be opened for ventilation or access without encroaching on living space when closed, the doors interlock together creating a solid wall that is extremely secure.

Available in either Traditional 2500 or Contemporary profiles in a choice of nine colours o ensure smooth and stylish lines the doors are not only easy to operate but also provide excellent thermal and weatherproof performance.


The Benefits

  • Seamless beautiful lines – no unsightly hardware
  • Easy to operate – slide one panel at a time
  • Secure – Kitemark accredited lock
  • Wide colour range from stock
  • Excellent thermal and weatherproof performance
  • Patented Magnaline™ slide and stack technology
  • Maximum door height 2200mm, width on application
  • Available in Traditional 2500 and Contemporary 3000 profiles

How they work

A multi pane door that uses the unique patented Magnaline system which has the flexibility to allows the individual panes to align on a single track therefore there is no loss of space but the panes are able to operate individually without any visible hinges or hardware, allowing multiple options of opening settings.. This new door transforms ordinary rooms, opening up spaces between rooms or between the home and the conservatory or garden in a unique and stylish manner.


The Colour Express range provides customers with a choice of eight alternatives to the standard white and no matter which colour you choose they are all available for delivery within seven days. As all the foils which are bonded to our profiles are wood grain foils you could be forgiven for thinking they were timber, as they are just as durable and come with a ten year guarantee.

Available from stock
Foil on both sides or foil on white

Colours available on 5 week lead time

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