Monorail Sliding Door

Sliding Door

It glides as it slides silently and effortlessly on high quality nylon rollers, the perfect combination between functionality and aesthetics that’s Monorail sliding door system with its’ subtle contours and colours is exactly what you would expect from a door that lets the outside world into your home.

The Monorail sliding system provides some of the largest unrestricted views available in modern sliding door design – a 4.5 m opening span can be accommodated in two panes and a 6.0m opening span can be accommodated in three spans. These doors not only look sophisticated they also perform to the highest of specifications – the fully reinforced PVC-U profile available in a choice of seven colours, six position multi-point locking mechanism, stunning complementary hardware ensure a door of character that will give excellent thermal and weather performance.


The Benefits

  • 2 panes span up to 4.5 metres
  • 3 panes span up to 6 metres!
  • Perfect for very wide openings
  • Excellent weather performance
  • Fully reinforced PVC-U profile
  • Stunning complementary hardware
  • Six position multi-point locking mechanism
  • Contemporary colour range from stock

How they work

Large openings or small openings the Monorail system can be tailored to meet any opening size floating on high quality rollers the independent units glide effortlessly and silently into position when either opening or closing a door that clearly demonstrates the research and long term investment that Deceurninck have placed in this product.

A door that not only looks good, but also provides excellent weather and thermal protection to keep you warm and secure all year long.


The Colour Express range provides customers with a choice of eight alternatives to the standard white and no matter which colour you choose they are all available for delivery within seven days. As all the foils which are bonded to our profiles are wood grain foils you could be forgiven for thinking they were timber, as they are just as durable and come with a ten year guarantee.

Available from stock
Foil on both sides or foil on white

Colours available on 5 week lead time

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